North Algona Wilberforce Fire Department 

Stations in Golden Lake, Rankin and Deacon

The Fire Department Auxiliary Unit
This unit consists of a maximum of ten members who provide non-suppression assistance at emergency response scenes. They may perform traffic control, taking pictures and any other non-related firefighting duties at emergency scenes that will free up firefighters for their essential duties. Auxiliary members may also be used equipment maintenance, public education, administration or any other non-emergency duties they may be suited to.
The Golden Lake Friends of the Fire Department
This group consists of community volunteers with a mandate to support the firefighters in their duties. This support can include: equipment, training, facilities and any other support that the department needs. Already, their support has helped to purchase an upgraded pumper truck for the Golden Lake station, as well as various equipment including: hand tools, high volume nozzles and electrical power equipment for our trucks. Way to Go!! 
The group is comprised of volunteers, firefighters, spouses of firefighters, and residents that provide food, meals, drinks, snacks, emergency child care and just about anything when needed at a fire scene. Whatever the time of day or night, these volunteers respond when needed and we are greatly appreciative and acknowledge them for all their hard work and support. 
We also thank profusely those people who support the `Friends` by donations of money, especially: Killaloe and Area Lions Club, the Golden Age Club and the Eganville Clothing Bank.
The Rankin Support Group
The people in the community had a dream to establish a fire station in Rankin. We received approval from Council in December of 1999 and in January of 2000, we started receiving tremendous support from the community. We proved that dreams do come true. Through dedication, perseverance and hard work, over $70,000 plus countless hours of volunteer labour and materials helped to make the dream a reality. By May 2003, the new building was online and ready to respond to calls. 
The support group continues to raise money to help purchase a utility truck, a thermal imaging camera, office and kitchen equipment, a portable water tank and extrication equipment. This group is committed to supporting our fire department and we thank them for all their efforts on our behalf.

The Families

While the previous two groups do wonderful things for our department, we must recognize our biggest support group of dedicated volunteers .... Our Firefighter Families. Our spouses and children have the heaviest burdens of all. When we run off to respond to an emergency, our families are left not knowing what is happening, how serious it is, and when (or if) we'll be home. Calls can happen in the middle of the night, waking the whole family, or while the family is out for dinner, cutting the meal short, or arranging a sudden ride home. Family events, dates, excursions and holidays can all be affected (and have been) by a sudden dash to the firehall. Through it all, our families are willing to 'lose us' for several hours so that hopefully we can prevent another family from suffering a permanent loss.

Without the love and support of our families, we could not do the job that we do, and for that we say THANK YOU to our families, the most dedicated support group that we have.

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